Have you ever wanted to live or work abroad and not sure how? Or go on a missions trip but not know where to begin? Or possibly publish a book, but have no idea where to start? Our "Brave by Faith Travel Experiences" offers personalized workshops inclusive based on your experience chosen - that will help you bring all of that into fruition. From missions trips to the Mother City, breathtaking hikes, cultural dinners with local entertainment, cultural cruises, to photo shoots with our personal photographer to capture it all. From Bible study on the beach to worshipping at one of the most Christ centered church's in that country. You will not only have fun and enjoy a new continent with your new 10 best friends, but will get closer to God by doing so. Our world - class once in a life-time experiences doesn't just include activities and meals that are on top of this world but we curate life changing experiences that will fulfill your soul. Our trips are with a purpose. To open your eyes and see the impossible made possible.

Upcoming Trips

  AMALFI COAST September 2018  -   Register   Here

AMALFI COAST September 2018 - Register Here

     Dubai January 2019  Register   Here


Dubai January 2019 Register Here


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  SANTORINI September 2018  -  Register Here

SANTORINI September 2018 - Register Here

The Maldives - Register Here

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