Build with God

Do you have a business idea in your heart that you KNOW would be a blessing to the world... if you ever had time to work on it? You've gotten into a rhythm of work, life, church, relationships, more work. So many people and things fight for your time, that it's easy to forget that it's YOUR time.

Whether you know it or not, God has a vision for how you can impact your sphere of influence. He has a plan, but he needs your willing participation. Would you believe that one of the major things that impacts that vision is your time... or lack thereof?

Spending 15 days of focused attention on your business and your relationship with God is an investment that you can't afford not to sow. Consider what being stuck, stagnant, and lacking the resources you need is costing your business. Consider the funds that have been lost by not having the right designers, developers, and coaches at your disposal. Consider the amount of time that has passed with the gut feeling that you need to be doing something, but feeling powerless to act upon it. You're worth the investment. Your business is worth the investment. Your future community will be grateful that you said "yes"!

Don't believe the lie that kingdom businesses don't make money.

Don't believe the lie that you're destined to always be overlooked.

Don't believe the lie that people aren't going to take you seriously because of your faith.

Don't believe the lie that your kingdom business can't be as steady and reliable than that of a traditional 9-5.

Don't believe the lie that you can't afford the time off or the financials.

Don't believe the lie that you can do this on your own.

Join me, Juliette Bush - founder of Brave by Faith Travel, and a team of seasoned business experts; to elevate your business as well as your spiritual walk. Let's build KINGDOM businesses!

The Struggle

I've found that most women who haven't started on or are stuck in their businesses struggle with:

  • Finding a tribe - people to work with and for the business

  • Finding balance - overcoming the battle of procrastination, feeling overwhelmed, and being too busy to focus on the business

  • Finding resources -  needing connections or capital

The Answer

Kingdom Business Building in Bali is a retreat like no other because:

  • God ideas flow while resting

  • you're going home with a brand and a business (even if you didn't arrive with either)

  • you're able to network with other purpose-filled entrepreneurs of faith

  • you'll have structure and accountability to accomplish more, quickly

  • you'll learn how to work and live abroad from digital nomads (people who only need a computer and internet to work)

  • you'll realize that you're not alone

  • you'll gain resources for financial freedom

  • you won't lose momentum when you leave because of your included customized after-care package

Why now?

I am so passionate about this because I talk to women constantly about their goals and businesses and wanted to have a dedicated time and space to dive deep. I remember what it was like to get started and struggle with getting the right team together. There were times where it felt like I was alone in this. There were successful times and some challenging ones. One thing that was constant was my faith in God. I leaned on Him and he began to connect me with the right people. He began to empower me to launch with faith and trust Him with the results. I truly believe that people of faith should be leading the pack in creativity and innovation. After all, we have access to the ultimate creator!

I've brought my personal team together for you to access and learn from. You don't have to fall into the common entrepreneurial pitfalls. You can fast-track your growth and influence simply by access to wisdom and strategy.

The Game Plan

We are going to cover three main modules to building a kingdom business.


1. The Role & Importance of Vision - Discover what really matters

2. Developing an Action & Implementation Plan - Discover the path to results

3. Resource Analysis - Discover the resources you have access to

4. Building Partnerships & Developing teams


1. Relationship between identity & purpose

2. Leadership Skills & Resources

3. Overcome what's keeping you stuck


  1. Attributes of a Kingdom Brand

  2. Craft a Kingdom Creative Strategy

  3. Kingdom Brand Identity

  4. Kingdom Brand Impact

At the end of the retreat, you’ll not only be inspired and relaxed, but you’ll also have:

  • A custom website & Logo or self-published book

  • Social media strategy and content graphics

  • Access to content editors

  • Business skills (accounting, legal information, business set up)

  • Lasting, Kingdom connections

  • After retreat action plan

  • Experience being a digital nomad

  • Memories to last a lifetime


Who this is for

  • Those looking to launch or relaunch a business

  • Aspiring Authors

  • Kingdom Entrepreneurs

  • Creatives

  • Anyone with a God-given vision

If you have an idea for a business, just started a business, or have an established business, this is for you! It doesn’t matter your stage or your perceived level of success. You only need a heart to serve God and people, we’ll help with the rest.

DATES: September 15th - 29th

There’s really great wi-fi in the co-working space where we'll be stationed. If time off might be a hindrance, ask your employer for some flexible time so you can work remotely in Bali for a few days. If you currently own your own business, you might be able to write this off as a business expense! If you are only able to stay for a week - we can work with you too!

investment: $4,999 per person

  • Payment plans are available

Exclusive to 10 women

This 15 Day / 14 Night co-working retreat also includes:

  • Airport pick ups (Arrive DPS, Depart DPS)

  • luxury accommodation in a Balinese tropical villa

  • In-country transportation with our private driver

  • All meals throughout your stay that you will love (we accommodate all food preferences from vegan, gluten free and vegetarian and more)

  • All one of kind activities - expect to be spoiled!

The weekday will be dedicated to learning & growing our businesses and the weekend will be allocated to our curated activities immersed in the best to do in Bali from spa spoils, rice fields, Bali swings and other epic activities. In reality, you get the best of both worlds with this trip — productivity and rest.

Let's step into your future... together!